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Vatican II and the Church of the Third Millennium

Publisher: Now You Know Media
Audio and Video: 12 lectures on 5 discs with an electronic study guide

Explore the enduring power of Vatican’s II teachings in our day and age.As John XXIII said, the Catholic Church is not a museum filled with artifacts, but rather “a flourishing garden of life” that moves ever forward into the future. This profound vision led him to convene a new ecumenical council, the first in almost a century. Now, just over fifty years after the Second Vatican Council, Catholics are still fully realizing that council’s bold vision for the Church.

In this audio or video series, you will look at Vatican II as a starting point for reflecting on the challenges facing the Catholic Church today. The council laid the foundations for a bold new vision of the church; now, it is our task to bring that vision to completion.

Your guide for this powerful exploration is Dr. Richard Gaillardetz (Ph.D., Notre Dame), the past president of the Catholic Theological Society of America and a charismatic teacher. You will first look at the council in a broad historical context, exploring Vatican II as an event that revealed much about what it means to be Church. You will also explore the essential contributions of the council, considering how they might best be implemented in the Church today.

Thoughtful Catholics will find great insights into the life of the Church in Vatican II and the Church of the Third Millennium. Discover how to make the council’s bold vision a reality today.

Topic Titles

  • The Council That Almost Failed
  • The Council as Transformative Ecclesial Event
  • The Hierocratic Form of the Church, Part I
  • The Hierocratic Form of the Church, Part II
  • The Priority of Baptism
  • A Pilgrim Church
  • A Theology of Revelation
  • The Sensus Fidei: Becoming a Listening Church
  • Charism and Office: Toward an Integrated Theology of Ministry
  • The Papacy and Episcopal Collegiality
  • The Church in Mission
  • Vatican II and Moral Theology