Transforming Our Days by Richard Gaillardetz

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Transforming Our Days: Finding God Amid the Noise of Modern Life

Publisher: Liguori, 2007
ISBN: 0764816225
Paperback: 144 pages

Many of us are concerned about the moral issues presented by modern technology. We wonder about the appropriate use of genetic engineering or the limits that should be placed on the use of medical technologies at the end of life. Yet, as we debate these important issues, we often overlook the more profound ways in which modern technology shapes our daily lives in the form of notebook computers, video games, cell phones, PDAs, iPods, and microwave ovens.

Richard Gaillardetz offers a thought-provoking series of reflections on how the technological “shape” of our daily lives can make it difficult to cultivate an authentic Christian spirituality. Gaillardetz has no interest in throwing out all of our TVs and computers. What he offers is the hope that through the wisdom of our Christian faith we can transform our days and recover graceful living without abandoning technology altogether.