A Daring Promise by Richard Gaillardetz

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A Daring Promise: A Spirituality of Christian Marriage

Publisher: Liguori/Triumph, 2007
ISBN: 0764815598
Paperback: 144 pages

In this revised an expanded volume, Richard Gaillardetz creatively draws on the deep wisdom of our Christian tradition while reflecting on the lived experience of marriage. The marital commitment that a man and a woman make is a most perilous undertaking, says Gaillardetz; it is a journey fraught with risk. Marriage offers the daring proposition that two people might unconditionally bind themselves together for life without destroying each other in the process. To promise oneself to another before God is one of the most radical things we do as Christians. Gaillardetz exposes the cultural forces that make it so difficult for many to remain in committed marriages. In response to these forces, he offers a rich spirituality built on basic Christian convictions and revealing both the challenges and rewards of married life. Written with a refreshing sense of candor and humor, this book is informative, lively, and personal, providing wonderful insight into the daring adventure of Christian marriage.