Parish Missions

My schedule permits me, during the week of our university’s Spring Break, to offer a parish Lenten mission. Occasionally, I am also able to offer parish missions at other times of the year when they do not conflict with my academic calendar. During these missions I ordinarily preach at all of the weekend masses and then lead four consecutive evening missions within a liturgical setting, either Sunday–Wednesday or Monday–Thursday. I provide a mission preparation manual which includes liturgical templates for each evening. The fee for these missions is $5,000 plus, travel, room and meals.

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Becoming His Disciples

The overall theme of the mission is usually oriented toward growing in Christian discipleship. The proposed themes for the four evenings would be:

  • First Evening: Finding God in Daily Life
  • Second Evening: Christian Sexuality and Marriage
  • Third Evening: The Call to Discipleship and Service of God’s Kingdom
  • Fourth Evening: Eucharist and the Church

A Catholic Faith for the Modern World

This parish mission can serve as a “follow-up” parish mission for parishes that have already experienced the parish mission, “Becoming His Disciples.” The goal of this mission is to help ordinary Catholics deepen their Catholic faith by exploring such basic questions as, “how can I find God in a world obsessed with gadgets,” “how do I find God in the midst of personal suffering and tragedy,” “how do I find a more mature understanding of sin and forgiveness,” and “what does it mean to be a person of hope in the world today.”

  • First Evening: Hooked on Gadgets: Living Gracefully in Technological World
  • Second Evening: “Why Have You Abandoned Us?” The Scandal of Suffering and the Call to Compassion
  • Third Evening: Re-Imagining Sin, Conversion and the Life of Holiness
  • Fourth Evening: What Do We Live For? Reflections on Our Final Destiny